Cryptographic Products and Services

Focused on physical and digital cryptographic solutions.

Specialized in hardware and software products designed to enhance security and efficiency in the world of cryptography and blockchain technology.


Cold wallets

Durable, seed phrase laser-engraved on titanium cold wallets, fire-resistant to protect your crypto assets.

Prepaid crypto wallets

Compact, themed NFC enabled wallets in credit card size, preloaded with a selection of cryptocurrency assets or NFTs.



Our consultancy service specializes in helping companies monetize their underutilized storage resources, such as infrequently used video storage and unused hosting capacities. We provide strategies to effectively leverage these assets for additional revenue streams.

PoST Hosting

Storage hosting provider for cryptographic proofs to secure Proof of Space and Time(PoST) blockchains monetizing otherwise unused online storage capacity in a multi petabyte scale.

Asset Token

Offering consultancy services specialized in the issuance of asset tokens on Proof of Space and Time (PoST) blockchains, tailored to client needs.

Third Party Products


Secure, physical cryptographic tokens for passwordless online authentication, supporting Passkey and WebAuthn standards. Available in USB-A, USB-C, and NFC formats.